Our origin

SK International was founded in 2002 to turn the practical experience of its management into live products. Intelligent waste solutions is the subtitle on our business cards. With the delivery of more than 400 stationary and mobile press containers throughout Europe, SK International has reached a leading position in the industry.

De waste stations operate on stand alone basis or can be integrated in the excisting operating protocols.Most important is the customised solutions that are offered to match the specific waste streams.

The management of SK International originates from the recycling industry. Collecting, transporting, procesing and trading of waste material is the playground on which the management has been active since 1982. The comprehensive practical experience gained in these areas enables SK International to find answers to any waste related challenge. Thans to production facilities in Holland, Germany and Czech Republic which produce conform SKs unique design and thanks to a comprehensive and diverse network in the industry SK has experienced an incredible growth over the last years.

SK Internationals mission is to proces specific waste streams in an ecological but also economical manner into streams of raw materials. This proces is done with innovative and high-quality solutions customised for each case. Our motto is 'waste is